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The Chicken Came First - By Bill Asti

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“As an architect and economist, Bill Asti is more than well qualified to write on how people must work together to create sustainable communities for future generations.”

“This is a very well-written and edited book that puts forth Bill Asti's vision of our world and where we may have gone wrong. It is well organized into sections and ends with his model of a good future community.”

“. . . this book is written at a level that will appeal to college students and graduates; it would be a great textbook for many college classes.”







“The Renaissance Man. - Bill Asti is intelligent, worldly and complex."

- Lila Ashmore - Inviting Arkansas


Sustainability is not a buzz-word anymore; it’s a matter of “survival of the fittest.”Any meaningful achievement in this area of sustainability will require some significant paradigm shift in our attitude about how we live, how we consume our resources, how we govern ourselves and how we provide for our mobility needs. I think Bill has done an excellent job in exploring these issues.”

-Subrata Basu,AIA, AICP - Miami-Dade County Department of Planning and Zoning


“Whether you call it smart growth or sustainability or green, the point is we should be doing everything possible to reduce our footprint and reduce our dependence on carbon fuels. Bill has been an advocate of smart growth and sustainability before the two terms had even been invented.”

- Ellis L. McIntosh, AIA, LEED AP - The McIntosh Group, LLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma


“Many industries and individual sectors of society are searching for their way to tread more lightly on our environment. To achieve the sustainability goals needed for this epoch, thoughts and actions must be coordinated, working in concert to maximize the benefit to our communities. Bill has always had the ability to see the larger picture while encouraging and orchestrating individual initiatives. Bill's knowledge, sensitivity, and thoughtful insights will certainly advance the ideas to achieve sustainable communities.”

- Richard Renfro, AIA - Renfro Design Group, Inc. New York City



- Phyllis Brandon - Arkansas Democrat Gazette 


Mr. Asti’s efforts to encourage a higher level of individual initiative and private sector involvement [in sustainable community building and design] are commendable and well in line with the President’s task force on Private Sector Initiatives.

- Jay Moorhead, Special Assistant to the President - The White House, September 16, 1982


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