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Development Consulting is a service outside the typical architectural services contract which aids individuals and companies, with limited in-house expertise, involve themselves in the real estate investment market. When services are required beyond pure architectural expertise, the Development Consultant can aid an Owner manage many more functions than a traditional Architect, General Contractor, or Construction Manager.

This service gives an owner the added ability to pull together more facets of the developmental process under their control. This greater control allows for lower overhead and greater internal flexibility and aids at producing an above average product at a better price. This service is intended to aid owners develop their own projects and additionally augments certain real estate developers with expertise not in-house. This service aids those who want to develop their own projects without the need to "staff up." Development Consulting aids an Owner in managing both the contract relationships and working relationships among the members of the development and building team.

William Henry Asti Architects has acted in the capacity as development consultant on numerous projects; from aiding non-profit community development corporations to augmenting the staff of developers to that of aiding individuals develop income producing properties for expansion of their investment portfolios.

Economic analysis for real estate investments can aid an owner evaluate various types of income producing properties. This type of analysis aids in evaluating a project’s hard and soft costs as well as the financing, leasing, operations, and resale. Evaluating the expenses and potential revenues on a project as well as the various returns before and after tax is essential to the financing and success of a project.

William Henry Asti Architects has consulted on large and small projects throughout the United States; from high-rise hotel and condominium projects, to the development of private prisons in the United States, as well as an equestrian village and low-rise apartments. Additionally, Mr. Asti has consulted with Dutch and French clients on projects in the United States as well as with developers on projects in Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Poland.


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